Innovation and Tradition

Stegherr Engineering Works is a second-generation family owned and operated manufacturer of specialty machinery located in Regenstauf, 10 km north of the town of Regensburg in southern Germany. On a production site of more than 2500 sqm we are developing and manufacturing all our machines entirely in our own works. Our experienced development team is working on modern CAD systems.


Our experience and expertise is your resource

What fascinated us from the very beginning has become extremely important especially today: The development of top quality practical production solutions. Due to our decade long concern for our customers´ manufacturing problems we have become the specialist in our field of woodworking machinery. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Closed Halving Joint Cutter machines in the world. To date, actually more than one thousand Closed Halving Joint Cutter machines are processing day by day cross joints in the high STEGHERR quality.


Custom solutions

Stegherr designs and manufactures standard and customized machinery in the complex field of windows and doors manufacturing. Due to this specialization our machines meet all requirements 100%. We offer the perfect equipment for each requirement: Single manufacturing and small series or fully automatic machines for large-scale production.



With increased pressure to meet exacting production schedules, down time related to machine problems is unacceptable. Our machines are built to last. The main concerns are design, machine control and operator friendly handling. Should your machine nonetheless need service, we will respond promptly and competently.