Coping Station KF for windows and doors

Stegherr Konterfräse KF

Stegherr has been manufacturing special machinery for the coped corners on windows and doors for over 20 years.

The Coping Center KF is a machining center for cutting to length, end scribing, drilling and dowelling of window and door components profiled on the long side.In combination with the Drilling-Milling Center type FD-E it is possible to make also all necessary operations on the long side of the profiled bars, which may be cut to exact length or in original lengths.

The excellent quality of this joint is achieved by shaping the workpiece ends with two counterrotating spindles. In the same working cycle the machine can drill the holes for dowels or screws and insert dowels.

The flexible concept of the STEGHERR Coping Center KF is suited for a large number of machine versions: With milling spindles from 4.0 to 7.5 kW with different shaft lengths and tool holders.

Two or four height adjustable spindles, either pneumatic or over servo drive, with a simple and economic cross cut saw or with a NC automatic saw, to name just a few possible executions.

Coping Station with automatic tool changer

Optional device on the Coping Station KF is a fully automatic program controlled tool changer which can hold the cutter heads for up to six profiles.

The machine ensures absolutely tear free end scribing by means of two HSK 63 counter rotating milling spindles which can hold up to three tooling sets.

With the fully automatic tool change and two additional milling spindles it is possible to run up to 60 window casements per shift, in random order, without any change-over times.

Coping Center KF with automatic tool change, drilling units for the corner joint fastened by screws and cross cut saw.

Screw-fastened joints

All drilling holes for screwed joints (optionally with spacer blocks holes) are drilled over the machine program. The profiled stock is cut to length by a cross cut saw.

Examples of screw-fastened joints for which the KF machine can be used.

Automatic glue injection and dowel insertion

All drillings for the dowelled joints are run program controlled.
The dowelling unit consists of a high pressure glue station with electronically controlled glue injection, dowel insert system with dowel conveyor and sorting device.

Additional drilling units

The KF machine can be equipped with drilling units in various executions, suited for drilling any hole (for dowels, screws or spacer blocks) over the machine program, in the workpiece ends or in the long side, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Special purpose machines

The KF machine is manufactured exactly to the customer’s requirements. This machine is equipped with special drilling units for drilling in the long side.

Customized machine with four work tables and four spindles for an increased production capacity due to reduced change over and setup times.
While the KF is milling the components inserted on two tables, the machine operator can insert or turn the components on the other two tables.

Coping Station Stegherr KF for windows and doors

Coping Station Stegherr KF for windows and doors with tool changer