Copying and Milling Machine KF-S

Stegherr Konterfräse KF-S

The KF-S is mainly employed in the manufacture of lathes for fences or balconies, various furniture, windows and door components.

The development of the KF-S machine is based on the well-proven working principle of our coping center for windows and doors type KF: Two milling units turning into opposite directions are shaping the workpiece ends from the left and from the right side.

The machine can mill semi-circles or other rounded contours. With a template mounted on the back side of the machine the KF-S can handle any curved geometrical form. The contours are transferred to the workpiece by means of flexibly mounted rollers.

Its output can be optimized by having it provided with a workpiece feeder, specially adapted to the customer’s requirements. The machine can also be equipped with additional work stations, for example for drilling.

Video Copying and Milling Machine KF-S