Sash Bar Coping Center KF-1

Stegherr Konterfräse KF-1

The sash bar coping center type KF-1 is a special machine for the tear free endscribing of profiled sash bars. Optionals available for this machine: Drilling unit, servo controlled axis, dowelling unit.

The working process is fully automatic on the fixed workpiece, held in place by pneumatic workpiece clamping.If equipped with the cross cut saw mounted on a graduated fence, the bars can also be easily cut to length.

The main feature of this machine are the two high-speed milling spindles, rotating in opposite directions. The result is a perfect, tear free coping.Machine with first class components for high precision processing and a long serviceable life.

Dowel joints

Optionally the machine can be supplied with a drilling unit for drilling the holes in the workpiece ends, and a high-pressure gluing-dowel driving unit.

All operations on the workpiece end are done in one clamping: milling drilling, glue injection and dowel driving.

Coping Station KF-1S with servo axis

Advantages over the standard execution:

  • Free programmable milling positions for the tear free coping even of small profiles
  • Free programmable milling speed for quicker positioning
  • Free programmable drilling positions for any number and arrangement of drill holes
  • Memory for 10 programs
  • Simple programming by means of a text editor, no special software required
  • Easy transfer of programs from a usual USB stick at the push of a button

Video Sash Bar Coping Center Stegherr KF-1