Sash Coping Station KF-mini

Stegherr Konterfräse KF-mini

The Sash Coping Station KF-mini is another Stegherr innovation in the processing of sash bars. The KF-mini ensures a tear free coping of already profiled stock.

The main feature of this machine are the two high-speed milling spindles, rotating in opposite directions. The result is a perfect, tear free coping.

For cut-to-length production, an optional cross cut saw mounted to a fence can be added. Even already profiled bars can be coped quickly, accurately and tear free with the KF-mini machine.

With the quickly adjustable mitre fence, counter profiling of angular workpiece ends in the swivelling range of 90° (+/- 45°) is possible as well.

Sash Coping Station KF-mini

KF-mini QC
The HSK 32 quick change system for different profiles

Tool change in a few seconds

Unlike the standard machine, the KF-mini QC is equipped with high frequency spindles HSK-C 32 and a frequency converter. This version offers several advantages:

  • Quick change of tools without readjustment to the new profile geometry
  • Accurate centering and positioning on the spindles
  • Absolute repeatability upon tool change

Video Difference of the tool change
between KF-mini und KF-mini QC