The KSF-mini is the ideal cross joint milling machine for all commonly encountered cross joints. It takes but three steps to mill a perfect cross joint.

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-mini


The KSF-2/4 machine is based on the thousandfold proven concept of our cross joint milling machines. The high accuracy and reliable technology ensure a perfect price-performance ratio in the manufacture of cross joints.

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-2/4


The Cross Joint Milling Machine KSF-2A is equipped with an electronic positioning unit and a programmable machine control. The processing steps are stored in milling programs which are applied automatically.

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-2A


Besides the classic cross joint in excellent quality this cross joint milling machine can perform one or several of the following optional operations: cutting to length, profiling the workpiece ends, drilling and marking. The KSF-2E configuration with different work units follows exactly the customer’s requirements. Automated processing and online connection are available as well.

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-2E


This special milling machine was designed for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints from round, segment and more-centered arch sashes and straight sashes.

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-R


This measuring wand is the ideal instrument for measuring the daylight opening (DLO) in the manufacture of windows and doors. The size is transmitted wirelessly to the machine by simply pressing a button.

Stegherr Messschieber MS