Closed Halving Joint Cutter KSF-2/4

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-2/4

The Closed Halving Joint Cutter KSF-2/4 is successfully in use worldwide. Our customers appreciate the accuracy, robustness and the vast field of application of this well proven machine.

The profiled bars are cut by a top and a bottom cutting unit while at the same time a third unit finishes the flat portion in between. The workpiece is clamped automatically by simply pressing a button, then the piece is milled and unclamped.

This operating method ensures the absolute accuracy of cross joints milled on our milling machine KSF-2.

The additional notching unit (the fourth milling unit, mounted on the front side of the machine) ensures that any profiled bar can milled tear free on the top (view) side of the joint.

The machine is supplied with cutter heads with adjustable cutting width suited for milling profiles with different profile widths.

Like all Stegherr machines the KSF-2 is a product of high-quality craftsmanship which guarantees a maintenance-free and long machine life and the highest precision in the production of cross joints.

The machine can mill workpieces of wood, aluminum, PVC and MDF.

Service in Stegherr always includes the accurate adjustment of the machine to the customer’s profiles.

Video Closed Halving Joint Cutter Stegherr KSF-2/4