Cross Bar Milling Machine for Round Arches and Diagonal Sash Joints Stegherr KSF-R

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-R

With the milling machine KSF-R you can produce any type of cross joint.

Cross joints from round, segment and more centred arches with straight bars.

With a special fence it is also possible to produce diagonal joints from 35° to 90°.

The KSF-R machine is working with two profile cutters and one slot miller. Milling work follows the climb cutting principle.

A stop system with grid-type index plate ensures the precise and efficient manufacture of joints of the different arches with straight, star-shaped sashes.

Notching Machine NFT

Special machine for making the notches on the top side of bars which were milled on the Cross Joint Milling Machine type KSF-R.

After milling on the KSF-R machine, the bar is inserted against the stop of the NFT machine and centered on the cam.

After positioning, the bar is pushed against the stop. The milling process is initiated by a micro-switch. The milling unit moves upwards, notches the bar and returns to home position.