Drilling Machine FD-junior

The Stegherr FD-junior is a robust and high-quality drilling machine for small and medium-sized companies.

Stegherr Dübelbohrmaschine FD-junior

NC-Machining Center FD-E

The Stegherr FD-E is suited for all drilling ,gluing and dowel driving jobs on window and door components. It can also mill for fittings and lock cases.
The machine has 4 servo axes and can be equipped with various milling and drilling units as well as a dowel driving unit.

Stegherr Bearbeitungszentrum FD-E

Drilling and Dowel Driving Station DS

The DS is employed for the program controlled drilling, high pressure gluing and dowel driving into components for windows and doors.

Stegherr Bohr- und Dübelstation DS

Coping Center KF-1

The Coping Center type KF-1 features two vertical spindles that rotate in opposite directions. The working cycle is fully automatic on the stationary workpiece, held in place by pneumatic clamping.
The machine is available with additional units for drilling dowel holes or milling for connection elements, such as clips. As an optional the machine can be equipped with a dowelling station which can drill, inject glue and drive in the dowels.

Stegherr Konterfräse KF-1

Coping Center KF

Due to its modular design system, the Stegherr Coping Center KF can be produced exactly to customer’s specification. Some of the optionals available for this machine are drilling units, height adjustable milling spindles, servo controlled drive, automatic tool changer, cross cut saw, glue injection and dowel driving.

Stegherr Konterfräse KF

Clip Fitting Machine CF

The Special Milling Machine type CF is used in the manufacture of removable interior grilles. The CF first mills holes for the clips into the workpiece ends. Then the clips are fitted automatically from a clip feeder.

Stegherr Clipfräse CF

Dowel Driving Machine DEM

The DEM machine was specially designed for making cross joints by inserting aluminum dowels into aluminum profiles which are already cut to exact length and drilled on the Mitre Saw GLS.

With the DEM machine the aluminum dowel is inserted into the glazing bar. Assembly is done manually or by using the Sash Bar Press type SP.

Stegherr Dübeleintreibmaschine DEM

Sash Bar Press SP

The glazing bar press ensures the simple and material protecting assembly of aluminum profiles for cross joints with the help of aluminum dowels.

Stegherr Sprossenpresse SP