NC-Machining Center FD-E

Stegherr Bearbeitungszentrum FD-E

With this modern and economic machine concept we meet the highest and most diversified expectations of our customers.

The FD-E machine is supplied with additional work stations, for:

  • drilling dowel holes, incl. glue injection and dowel insertion
  • drillings for hardware
  • millings for hardware

With its three standard servo controlled axes (X, Y and Z) the machine can accomodate any drilling and milling patterns. The flexible machine concept can be adapted to optimal customized solutions. The work stations can be mounted to the customer’s requirements, vertically or horizontally.

When making corner joints, the FD-E is operating simultaneously in four work stations: While some workpieces are being processed, the operator can feed new workpieces or remove already finished ones from the other stations.

In the machine program the workpiece ends are taken as reference edges for each hole. This ensures absolute accurate corner joints on any workpiece. The operations are applied to the stationary workpiece. For longside operations the machine can be provided with a NC pusher, which positions the workpieces accurately in the work stations. The additional longside measuring system for accurate corner joints has already been filed for patent.

Drilling, Milling and Dowelling over three servo controlled axes: The modern machine control allows easy programming of drilling and milling patterns with graphic representation. Glue injection by means of a high pressure gluing system with glue quantity control. Automatic dowel driving over a dowel conveyor.

The drilling and milling patterns can be written and stored in the customer friendly machine program. The machine is suited for online connection to the superset computer or to a windows manufacturing program.

Video 1 NC-Machining Center FD-E

Video 2 NC-Machining Center FD-E

Video 3 NC-Machining Center FD-E

Video 4: NC-Machining Center FD-E with special drilling and screwing unit