NC-Machining Center FD-E

The Stegherr FD-E is suited for all drilling ,gluing and dowel driving jobs on window and door components. It can also mill for fittings and lock cases.
The machine has 4 servo axes and can be equipped with various milling and drilling units as well as a dowel driving unit.

Stegherr Bearbeitungszentrum FD-E

Machining Center for Profiled Bars GLS-2

The Stegherr GLS-2 cuts profiles of wood, aluminum, MDF or PVC in one or two planes and at any angle within +/- 45 degrees.

The GLS-2 can be equipped with punching, milling and drilling units.

Stegherr Profilleisten-Bearbeitungszentrum GLS-2

Coping Center KF

Due to its modular design system, the Stegherr Coping Center KF can be produced exactly to customer’s specification. Some of the optionals available for this machine are drilling units, height adjustable milling spindles, servo controlled drive, automatic tool changer, cross cut saw, glue injection and dowel driving.

Stegherr Konterfräse KF