Arch Shaping Machine BOF

The BOF is a special milling machine for the profiling of curved and bent strips of solid wood or bonded laminates.

Stegherr Bogenfräse BOF

Cross Joint Milling Machine KSF-R

This special milling machine was designed for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints from round, segment and more-centered arch sashes and straight sashes.

Stegherr Kreuzsprossenfräse KSF-R

Double Mitre Saw BGS

The BGS is suited for cutting to length curved or straight bars. The specially developed centering and clamping system ensures the accurate pneumatic clamping of curved pieces.

Stegherr Bogengehrungssäge BGS

Coping Machine for assembled frames RKF

The Stegherr RKF machine mills the profile of the sash bar from the bottom upwards into the already assembled frame. The machine can be used for both straight or curved pieces.

Stegherr Konterfräse RKF

Semicircular Arch Screw Press RSP-2

The very sturdy and quickly adjustable Arch Screw Press RSP-2 for the efficient gluing of louvre-bonded curved pieces meets all requirements regarding rapid adjustment and high surface pressure.

Stegherr Rundbogen Spindelpresse RSP-2

Arc Feed Attachment BV

The BV is an attachment on a spindle moulding machine with vertical spindle. It is used for the efficient profiling and rebating of bent or curved wooden strips or wooden constructions.

Stegherr Bogenvorschub BV