Mitre Saw for Profiled Bars GLS-A

The operation of the Stegherr GLS-A over a touch screen with graphical user interface is user-oriented and intuitive. The machine can cut profiles of wood, aluminum, MDF or PVC at any angle between +/-45°.

Stegherr Profilleistensäge GLS-A

Mitre Saw for Profiled Bars GLS

Profiles of wood, aluminum, MDF or PVC can be cut with the NC mitre saw GLS over program at any angle within +/- 45 degrees. As a special execution the sawing angle may be extended to +/- 81 degrees.

Optionally the Stegherr GLS can be equipped with drilling units.

Machining Center for Profiled Bars GLS-2

The Stegherr GLS-2 cuts profiles of wood, aluminum, MDF or PVC in one or two planes and at any angle within +/- 45 degrees.

The GLS-2 can be equipped with punching, milling and drilling units.

V-Notching Machine KSS

The Stegherr KSS is suited for the program controlled cutting of profiles of wood, aluminum, MDF or PVC. The two blades are arranged in a V shape and can cut two profile ends +45 or -45 degrees in one cycle.

Stegherr Klinkschnittsäge KSS

Clip Fitting Machine CF

The Special Milling Machine type CF is used in the manufacture of removable interior grilles. The CF first mills holes for the clips into the workpiece ends. Then the clips are fitted automatically from a clip feeder.

Dowel Driving Machine DEM

The DEM machine was specially designed for making cross joints by inserting aluminum dowels into aluminum profiles which are already cut to exact length and drilled on the Mitre Saw GLS.

With the Dowel Driving Machine DEM the aluminum dowel is inserted into the glazing bar. Assembly is done manually or by using the Sash Bar Press type SP.

Sash Bar Press SP

The glazing bar press ensures the simple and material protecting assembly of aluminum profiles for cross joints with the help of aluminum dowels.