Stretcher Bars Milling Machine BRF

With the Stegherr BRF machine profiles which are already cut to exact length are milled simultaneously at both ends (tongue and groove) for stretcher bars. The machine can be manufactured in a fully automatic version with infeed magazine or in a more simple execution for manual feeding.

Stegherr Bilder- und Keilrahmenfräse

The Milling Machine for Beaded Face Frames BFF

This special milling machine provides efficient milling technology for the – otherwise labor intensive and time consuming – manufacture of the classic frame joint for kitchen cabinet doors with beaded face frames.

Stegherr Spezialfräse BFF

Milling Machine for Strike Plates SBF

The SBF is a machining center for milling the strike plate mortise. All necessary working cycles are done on the stationary piece in one clamping.

Stegherr Schliessblechfräse SBF

Custom projects

We design and implement for our customers tailor-made solutions in the field of window and door manufacturing and beyond.

Stegherr Kundenprojekte