Special Milling Machine for Stretcher Bars BRF

The Special Milling Machine Stegherr BRF is used for the end processing of canvas stretcher bars. The machine can be manufactured in a fully automatic version with infeed magazine or in a more simple execution for manual feeding.

In one single working cycle the workpiece is clamped and milled on the left and right side (tongue and groove). After milling the piece is released and can be removed for inserting the next workpiece.The machine is equipped with a workpiece recognition sensor which prevents the machine from starting when no workpiece is inserted. The BRF can be easily readjusted to milling different notching depths by using easily replaceable workpiece stops.

If provided with a workpiece feeder the machine can work fully automatically. The workpiece magazine is suited for practically any type of profile. With a ejector mechanism the finished workpieces are returned to the machine operator.

Video Special Milling Machine for Stretcher Bars BRF-DS

The Stretcher Bar Milling Machine is also available in a Single-End Execution. This machine can mill at the same time two profiles (min. length 180 mm) placed one on top of the other.

Video Special Milling Machine for Stretcher Bars BRF-ES