New developments

Coping Station with fully automatic tool changer

The Coping Station KF can be extended with a fully automatic program controlled tool changer which can hold the cutter heads for various profiles. The two additional milling spindles can be changed fully automatically, ensuring the production of window frames and window sashes, in random order, without any change-over times.

The absolutely tear free end scribing is achieved by means of two HSK 63 counter rotating, height adjustable milling spindles which can hold up to three tooling sets.

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KF-mini QC

The HSK 32 quick change system for different profiles
Tool change in a few seconds

Unlike the standard machine, the KF-mini QC is equipped with high frequency spindles HSK-C 32 and a frequency converter. This version offers several advantages:

  • Quick change of tools without readjustment to the new profile geometry
  • Accurate centering and positioning on the spindles
  • Absolute repeatability upon tool change

Video Difference of the tool change
between KF-mini und KF-mini QC

Processing of curved bars – cross joints and end joints

Leaflet Processing of curved bars

Double Mitre Saw BGS

The BGS is suited for cutting to length curved or straight bars. The specially developed centering and clamping system ensures the accurate pneumatic clamping of curved pieces.
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Leaflet Double Mitre Saw BGS

Cross Joint Milling Machine KSF-R

This special milling machine was designed for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints from round, segment and more-centered arch sashes and straight sashes.
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Curved profiles production – shaping of curved pieces

Leaflet Shaping of curved pieces

Arc Feed Attachement BV

The BV is an attachment on a spindle moulding machine with vertical spindle. It is used for the efficient profiling and rebating of bent or curved wooden strips or wooden constructions.
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Leaflet Arc Feed Attachement BV

Arch Shaping Machine BOF

The BOF is a special milling machine for the profiling of curved and bent strips of solid wood or bonded laminates.
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Leaflet Arch Shaping Machine BOF

Coping Center KF in Special Execution

for 6 different operations on different profiles, program controlled – no changeover times.

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KF for 6 different profiles

Special Milling Machine for Milling Beaded Face Frames BFF

The special milling machine for beaded face frames provides efficient milling technology for the – otherwise labor intensive and time consuming – manufacture of the classic frame joint for kitchen cabinet doors with beaded face frames.

The BFF machine can cut all frame parts for cabinets or furniture requiring the classic joint with no changeover times.

The Milling Machine BFF will be presented for the first time at the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2016 in Nuremberg.

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Stegherr Spezialfräse BFF